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    Photo Tips

    1. Start with clean face(some product is ok but no color).
    2. Remove all accessories.
    3. Pull hair away from face, keeping it neat and tight against your head.
    4. Use bright, even lighting. The best place for this is outdoors on a cloudy day.
    5. Stand against a light colored or white wall.
    6. The camera should be aimed at your face at eye level while you look straight ahead.

    Bad Examples

    bad-exampleToo Dark
    bad-exampleUneven Lighting
    bad-exampleToo Blurry
    bad-exampleFace Covered

    A Good Example

    good example

    A Good Example

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    Photos will not be shared without your permission. Use JPEG or PNG between 250Kb and 4Mbs

    Take a Photo

    1. Look into the camera
    2. Make sure lighting is good
    3. Pull your hair back if you'd like to try on hairstyles

    1. good example
    2. good example

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    1. Click Crop

    Is most of your face in the square?

    STEP 1/3. Please click on the outside corners of your eyes and your lips.

    STEP 2/3. Please adjust the outline of your eyes.

    (Double click the outline to add points)

    STEP 3/3. Please adjust the outline of your lips.

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            Click and drag the shape(s) to refine placement, or use the tools below.